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About us

We are a friendly team of experienced professionals who are highly specialized in user experience.
We build bridges between the business realities of organizations and their clientele.

Our fields of expertise are research, user-centred design, knowledge transfer and support, as well as assessment of the user-friendliness and business efficiency of interactive digital systems and their physical installations.

The entire ecosystem is our domain: websites, interactive terminals, digital signage, mobile apps, etc.

Know your users

We will help you develop extraordinary experiences founded on concrete information.

Together, we will uncover all we need to know about your clients.

Assess, test and refine the experience

Starting from the advice of experts who have seen it all, through to the most advanced usability testing and most agile UX techniques, we optimize products and experiences.

Make informed decisions

Knowledge is power.

We will target pertinent information and develop a personalized experience strategy for you. You will have all you need to offer complete and meaningful experiences at the right time, for the right people, through the right channels.


Usability testing
Information architecture
Expert evaluations
Prototyping and interaction design
Card sorting
User journey
User experience
User research
Management and planning of UX projects


Transcontinental Media
Business Development Bank of Canada
Jewish General Hospital
Garda World
Téo Taxi
Université de Sherbrooke
La Presse+
Société de transport de Montréal
Air Canada
VIA Rail
And many others!

Gabrielle Granger

Gabrielle Granger

Always fascinated by human interaction, technologies and the user experience, Gabrielle has been working in the web industry since 2006. A partner at Ergoweb, she is an accomplished, sought-after professional…

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Alain Robillard-Bastien

Alain Robillard-Bastien

Founder and partner of Ergoweb Canada, Alain is a respected, well-known consultant with a career of 22-plus years in user experience. With hundreds of projects conducted with SMEs, large enterprises…

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